A rail column integrated with the VIDIX Videodermatoscope System for capturing fixed distances clinics and related follow-ups. The system is equipped with a dedicated software that allows you to capture images of all sides of the body and allows it to be saved on the Dermascope7 software. The laser guide line guarantees the reproducibility of the photos while keeping the same distance. Equipped with emergency stop button for the automatic lock.
The VTrack system designed by MEDICI MEDICAL allows you to accurately capture the entire body of the patient. It is possible to capture the image of the single district or to automatically capture images in front, back, left and right flank. The reproducibility of scanned images at a distance of time is ensured by the constant illumination of the external LEDs and the fixed distance indicated by the laser beam.
For safety issues, being moving parts, the entire system is protected by a crankcase that prevents accidental contact with the patient. There is also an emergency button for VTrack automatic and immediate blocking. The system can be applied to VIDIX at the time of order or integrated with the existing device. The wall version is also available.
VTrack software, easy and intuitive, allows you to capture image sequences or that of a single district. The entire photographic documentation of the patient is obtainable in just 2 minutes. VTrack software also features a special follow-up function for automatic recognition of new ones in the VTrack.


Supplied as follows:
Rail column incorporated with digital camera
Vidix 4.0 workstation
WPT digital camera USB wired 3mt, with magnetic eyepieces for: epiluminescence, polarized, interdigital, clinical
Software Dermascope - DICOM ready
N.2 monitor 24” LED, brand EIZO graphic series
Wi-Fi color printer A4
Dedicated cart

DermaAnalisi with Tricho