The innovative fractional Co2 technology for new aesthetic excellence

The Co2 Slim Evolution II laser system along with the MiXto Pro scanner system is the most advanced in the market for Skin Rejuvenation and Fractional Skin Resurfacing procedures. Lasering was the first company in the world to apply the sequential fractional concept by following a “Z” algorithm.

MiXto Pro is a patented single system that works by using a CW CHOPPED continuous emission guaranteeing uniform energy distribution on the fabric and producing the optimum ratio between the therapeutic result and maximum patient comfort with minimal recovery time. MiXto Pro allows the widest range of usage ranging from light refreshing and aggressive ablation (traditional skin resurfacing) through countless mid-levels to meet any patient's demand and expectation.

Slim Evolution II is a versatile laser system that, with optional accessories, can be used in many surgical procedures in the fields of modern medicine such as Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, ORL, Gynecology and Dental Medicine.


  • Dermatologia
  • Chirurgia Estetica
  • Otorinolaringoiatria
  • Odontoiatria
  • Chirurgia Plastica
  • Proctologia
  • Ginecologia

• Articulated arm with 7 mirrors
• Fixed focal length handpiece 5 "
• MiXto PRO scanner system
• MiXto PRO Insert 300um
• MiXto PRO 180m
• Straight Spacer Scanner tip
• Open Spacer Scanner tip
• Footswitch
• Safety goggles (2pcs.)
• Instruction manual

Laser Type: CO² Laser Type
Manufacturer: LASERING SRL
Wavelength: 10.6 microns
Operating Mode: Continuous Wave (CW), Pulser, SuperPulse
Power in CW: 0.5 to 30 W at the fabric
Average power in SuperPulse: 0.5 to 12 W at the fabric
Average Pulser Power: 5 - 25 W at the fabric
Emission mode: Continuous, Single Pulse, Pulse Repeat
Driving Light: Laser Diode (Red), 635 nm
Articulated arm: Lightweight, aluminum fiber, 7 mirrors, spring balanced
User Interface: TFT 8 "in Colors with Touch-Screen Technology
Memory Capacity: <1000 Setup Files Power supply: 100-240 Vac, 4 ° (Max) / 50-60Hz Dimensions: 37cm (L) x 43cm (P) x 123cm (A) Weight: 40 Kg FASHION MODE CW CHOPPED "SX"
Spot Size: 180um, 300um (Automatic Detection)
Energy for each spot: 1 - 480 mJ
Chopper time for each spot: 2.5 msec - 16 msec
Fractional Coverage: 5 - 40% Cover with Algorithm "Z"
Scanning area: Spot 300um: 6x6 - 20x20mm
Spot 180um: 5x5 - 12x12mm

TOTAL TOTAL "T" (100% coverage)
Spot size: 300um
Energy for each spot: 1 - 24 mJ
Figures: Line, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Crown
Time for each spot: 0.1 - 0.8 msec
Scanning area: 6x6 - 20x20 mm