Total Body Vascular Effect

The Velure S9/940 is the high power compact laser system conceived and designed specifically for the transdermal treatment of lower legs, both superficial red and darker ones.
Velure S9/940 sets a step forward in laser treatment of vascular limb injuries by providing the physician with an effective and safe tool. It is also an ideal tool for treating the capillaries of the legs and face, but also for the intravenous laser treatment against the safenic insufficiency.
The wide range of available handpieces and fibers, combined with simple and intuitive software, make the laser system suitable for a wide spectrum of surgical applications.


• Multifunctional and versatile system
• High power with short pulses for maximum efficiency with minimal side effects
• Hemoglobin absorption + optimal water for safe and effective treatments
• Low absorption of melanin for safe treatments with darker skin
• Long lasting laser source with low maintenance costs
• Easy to use and intuitive software
• Compact and portable
• No consumable

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• Handpiece 1.5mm
• Handpiece 2mm
• Footswitch
• Safety goggles (2pcs.)
• Suitcase VS

• Polarized vision enhancement system V900L
• Polarized vision enhancement system V300H
• BF9 SET-D smoke evacuator

Laser Type: Diodes
Model: VELURE S9 / 940
Manufacturer: LASERING SRL
Wavelength: 940nm
Fluency: 5 to 600 J / cm2
Power: 150 W
Ways: Continuous, single pulse, repetition
Manipulator Diameter: 1000, 1500, 2000 micron / Optical Fiber
Pulse duration: Automatically set
Frequency: 1 to 30 Hz
Electrical Requirements: 230 Vac, 500VA (max), 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 35x43x23 (h) cm
Weight: 14 kg

Legs vascular lesions
Face vascular lesions