Software modules

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  • Software for the automatic detection of lesions, automatic measurements, and trichological analysis. The software allows you to make pre and post trichological therapy evaluations to examine its evolution. Permits detection of the number of hairs (both fleeces that terminals), to evaluate the caliber, the average size, and density. In addition, through this sophisticated software, you…

  • VIDIX can be equipped with a reader of health cards that allows the automatic insertion into the master data of new patients and the instant search of those already in the database. Inserting or search through health card guarantees the respect of privacy.

  • This software module allows you to connect a digital camera with the VIDIX system automatically and quickly, with all the comfort of Wi-Fi. Pictures taken with the camera will be automatically displayed in the monitor, and can be saved and used as those acquired with VIDIX camera. The supply includes • NIKON Camera Series 1…

  • Now you can integrate the DICOM format on VIDIX systems. DICOM (Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine, digital imaging and communications in medicine) is a standard that defines the criteria for communication, display, storage and printing of biomedical information.