Designed for use with virtually all electrosurgery generators and the majority of electrosurgery handles/fingerswitch, the Microdissection needle range
of monopolar needles offers the surgeon the ability to direct the power from the electrosurgery generator to an area typically 3 micron at the needle
With such a small and focussed point, the amount of power required to create a surgical effect is dramatically reduced as the electrosurgery current is
concentraded to the smaller size, giving you several advantages:
– this reduction minimises the heat produced and hence the thermal energy spread
– only low wattage of electrosurgery power required
– faster healing
– reduced tissue necrosis
– less scarring
– reduced smoke
– precise electrosurgery effect

Traditionally produced “sharp” electrosurgery needles become blunt very quickly during a procedure due to the stainless steel “melting”, particularly
with such a fine point. The Microdissection needles are produced in rigid, high temperature pure tungsten which has a melt temperature of 3400°C,
significantly higher than those temperatures used in electrosurgery.



EM01 2420 Microdissection needle 20mm
EM01 2435 Microdissection needle 35mm
EM01 2470 Microdissection needle 70mm
EM01 24105 Microdissection needle 105mm